Help me and I will help you. We are human beings and we should love and care for all people. I'm working on a project to create a community of people focused on learning about love and spreading love to all human beings. Please feel free to talk to me and ask me anything. I am on Facebook, Gmail, Google+, and Twitter. I will occasionally post in the mobile section of Craigslist as well under rants and raves.

Unconditional Love

Let's learn from each other!

I would love to talk to?


If anyone knows, or are themselves, in the Military doing therapy, psychology, counseling, etc. I would love to talk to you about the job field!? Any adivce or wisdom is greatly appreicated.

If you’re on Tumblr, you know the internet is a wonderful resource, do a little research. I just went on Google and found a few sites I hope can help you out. Maybe they’re just starting points, but sometimes that’s all a person needs.

good luck reading and researching! 

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