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To be happy, you need three main things in your life to be in a good place. Love, Friendship, Family. If one of them isn’t, then you’re probably not completely happy. When you’re depressed, one or two of them can be really bad, or all three can be medium bad to extremely bad.

For me, all three…

This is so true, but I think your definitions of love, family, and friends also factor into a person’s healing. For me love can be simple. It’s saying hello, taking the time to talk to someone. Family is the group of people you feel closest to. The people who are there to protect you, and that you feel truly safe around. And friends are the people who bring you joy. Family and friends are closely linked, and that is because they both require love. I think the type of love is what separates family from friend. A friend cares about you and loves you, and can be there for you to an extent. Family will make you feel like they are yours, and you belong to them. Family will take care of the basic needs in life, and friends come after to help you reach the highest points of happiness.

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