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Unconditional Love

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I need my motivation back.

can someone talk to me for a while? preferably someone with depression? i’ll take any love now though.

and I ended up doing it anyways. Someone needs to stop me.

I’m so depressed and so alone. He’s still saying all the right things, but he’s not here. he can never be here. and it hurts. i knew i wanted him so long ago. he was here once and i never kissed him. i had the chances. it was just so wrong. i’m glad i never did because he wouldn’t be here now. but i need all of him. i just need to know what it is like. and he gave me so much tonight without knowing it. he gave me everything that made me fall for him when i couldn’t. all i want is that one kiss, but i know it won’t happen. i will always love him like this. 

Looking in the medicine cabinet for the best and deadliest concoction

I’m so tempted. Pills are my poison. I almost need them when I get like this.

Stay strong. I won’t do it tonight.

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I hate then people think you can just “get over” being clinically Depressed, when in reality its a lot more then that, Trust me ive lived though and in fact i am now. . Which the people you least expect it from could be the one living it. so Think before you say something.

You need to show people how hard it is. No one knows about depression unless they have experienced it. The people around you don’t understand how much pain you are in right now.

If I died….


you would all move on.

but since you posted this, and I read it, if you took your life I would be sad. communicate. you are right on track. push yourself to find help.


Today a boy hanged himself, I felt horrible, i didn’t know him, but i feel sort of a strange feeling, like, all the things that may happened to him to end his life. He was young, 17 I think, he had a life to live, he had a future. No one is never gonna know why he did it. 

I’m not religious, but I hope he is in a better place right now.  

R.I.P Julian

When people don’t have a chance at life it is sad. People need to fight for their lives because life can be taken away from you too easily even when you want it. Realize that you are beautiful and need to fight for life because love is real.

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Only tired anymore


Like this bullshit always just makes me tired and to never come out ever, and I feel like no one understands or will ever understand the shit I’ve been dealing with for over 3 years now..I seriously hate the entire human race…I wish I could just be here anymore

You just need to find people willing to honestly help you. Human beings are human beings. We all have different struggles. Tell someone yours. You might be surprised to find a person going through the same thing. Or you’ll find someone with real sympathy and a real want to help you out.

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The darkness has begun to take control,

It has finally just swallowed me whole.

I don’t know what to do to stop all of this

I tried to shake it off but it just wouldn’t quit.

I’m losing my mind trying to fight what’s inside,

This demon, this monster that has come alive.

I can feel it…

I’ll do you a favor and kill myself.

But if you do that, you will make me cry. Everyone should live as long as they can. Life is so beautiful and you just have to work a little to find happiness. Find love. Ask people questions. I’m here for you, and there are more people like me.

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Someone we know was like sobbing their heart out and my parents heard and they couldn’t understand why she was crying, my Dad then turned to my Mum and said ‘maybe she’s mentally unstable?’ I legit died inside at him saying this!! How could he think that from hearing one girl crying one time (when…

It’s harder for your parents to know about you because they spent years knowing you as truly happy, and you have been good at hiding your real feelings. They don’t see a difference between you and the little child they raised for years and years. If you told them how much you are hurting they would be heartbroken. but you need to tell them anyways. They will be sad because they wish they knew earlier. The sooner the know the sooner they can really help you. They probably don’t know a thing about depression, but the only way to get happier is to find help from other people, and I’m sure your parents will be there.

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I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore.


I wake up every morning hoping I’ll be diagnosed with some disease and I’ve only got a year to live, that way I don’t have to do it myself. 

I’m beginning to hate everything. 

I’m beginning to hate myself. 

No one knows what is going on here. I don’t! but we’re here. so we have to learn that happiness is real and beautiful and it just takes effort to get to where you are happy.

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