Help me and I will help you. We are human beings and we should love and care for all people. I'm working on a project to create a community of people focused on learning about love and spreading love to all human beings. Please feel free to talk to me and ask me anything. I am on Facebook, Gmail, Google+, and Twitter. I will occasionally post in the mobile section of Craigslist as well under rants and raves.

Unconditional Love

Let's learn from each other!

and I ended up doing it anyways. Someone needs to stop me.

I’m so depressed and so alone. He’s still saying all the right things, but he’s not here. he can never be here. and it hurts. i knew i wanted him so long ago. he was here once and i never kissed him. i had the chances. it was just so wrong. i’m glad i never did because he wouldn’t be here now. but i need all of him. i just need to know what it is like. and he gave me so much tonight without knowing it. he gave me everything that made me fall for him when i couldn’t. all i want is that one kiss, but i know it won’t happen. i will always love him like this. 

I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life anymore.


I wake up every morning hoping I’ll be diagnosed with some disease and I’ve only got a year to live, that way I don’t have to do it myself. 

I’m beginning to hate everything. 

I’m beginning to hate myself. 

No one knows what is going on here. I don’t! but we’re here. so we have to learn that happiness is real and beautiful and it just takes effort to get to where you are happy.

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