Help me and I will help you. We are human beings and we should love and care for all people. I'm working on a project to create a community of people focused on learning about love and spreading love to all human beings. Please feel free to talk to me and ask me anything. I am on Facebook, Gmail, Google+, and Twitter. I will occasionally post in the mobile section of Craigslist as well under rants and raves.

Unconditional Love

Let's learn from each other!

  • She suffers in silence because there's nothing no-one can do.
  • --But isn't there? You can be surprised by people. And sometimes it's getting away from people. Try a new sport or activity. For me, art and being creative is an outlet. When I have a pen, pencil, paintbrush, clay, or piece of chalk in my hand, I can just let go and create. I'm not much on the physical activity thing, but I do notice that when I make the effort to go running and I'm coming back down to earth, I do feel better. You just need to find the right person to talk to.


Yup, my excuse. lame as it is.

It’s easy for a person to lie about their depression. If you care about a person PLEASE let the little things at least make you pay more attention. Some things are easy to explain away, but when you are paying attention with a set goal, you may be surprised at what you can find. Sometimes it really is the cat, but often enough it is something deeper. Please dont worry about wasting your time or offending a person if you really care about them. every person who is saved by a person who to the care to figure it out is worth all the efforts that went nowhere.

Keep an eye on your friends. Depression happens to nerds, jocks, cheerleaders, pot heads, pretty girls, teachers pets, and even teachers!

If we all paid a little more attention we could save the people we care about.

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It’s amazing what a smile can hide.

You really can never tell  how a person feels. We are all actors sometimes and some people are really good. It’s easy to learn how to hide it. I picked it up when I was young, and I was very lucky I never had a panic attack at the wrong time. To all who are being bullied, hurt, abused, and to all who feel unloved. Your smile is hurting you. Let people see your hurt so they can help you. It’s better to break down and let someone help you. It will feel uncomfortable, but it is worth it. I only just learned how important asking for help is. It makes you stronger, not weaker. 

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People, love is so powerful. The joy I feel now is almost impossible, but the fact that I can feel it even with this darkness in my life is proof that my efforts are worth it.

Find love, it will be the greatest thing you ever do.

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